Will my profile show immediately, or do I have to wait to be approved?

Once you have completed the registration process and filled in some information on your profile, (we suggest you add a photo straight from the get-go. Having a photo on your profile will get you 60% more views then without) you will be added to the list of members who are available to be found through the search results. In fact you will appear in the search criteria for, ‘newest users’ so you will start getting a lot of attention from other members

Why will I need to give you my postcode?

Well it actually not essential that you add your postcode, however if you don’t we won’t know where you live and won’t be able to match you with the most suitable members in your area.

Do I need to provide a valid email address?

Yes it is essential you provide a valid email address as this is where you will be notified that other members have shown interest in you. We also need your email address so you can validate yourself as a serious member, just another one of our security steps we like to take for making sure we attract authentic daters.

Can I advertise my adult business?

No you cannot, this is an adult dating site and only matters related to this service should be discussed between members. Anyone who has been found advertising their adult business, ie, escort service, porn affiliate site, or anything related will be removed and barred from this dating site immediately.

Are other members profiles verified and authenticated when they join the site?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated team of people who scan every single new profile within minutes of them being created. If one of the team deem a profile to be a fake, or damaging to our service that profile would be taken offline for a full investigation. Only when we are 110% happy that a member is genuine will we allow their profile to become public for the rest of our members to see.

Is there a way to stop another member contacting me if I don’t want them to?

Yes there is. You have the power to block someone from contacting you at any point by clicking the ‘ignore member’ button on that members profile page.

What is an SSL certificate?

First off SSL stands for secure socket layer. Secure socket layer technology protects your website and allows customers and potential customers to trust your website with their personal information, by encrypting important information during different online transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions